Renovator’s Delight – by Terry Jaensch

Perfect for a first home buyer, investor or even someone wanting to develop. *

3 hairline fractures in right wrist; swing, horse
shower: as per concession to form not
listed chronologically. the lot,
teeth that is, braced twice, a matter of course

at 13, a matter off course again
at 21. gums, a kind of cancer
at … needles, novocaine … can’t remember
age, just the scalpel’s blade, arresting. then

somewhere in there, between the horse & swing —
reversed here for variant rhyme — the nose
cauterized. & a fresh gall bladder-ing

save that, intact inside; though i suppose
i took the nurse at his word — on waking.
make a home of me? *take me at mine. Close.


From Bent Street 3