Bent Street 2019

Bent Street 3 starts coming into focus from next month. If you ‘follow’ this blog then you’ll get an email alert when new material appears in the Bent Street Cafe. We’re open to all voices from the LGBTIQA+ community, so go here  for info on how to submit writing or artwork.

This is what we are aiming for in 2019:

  • January – March: Everyone has a well-earned rest (tick)
  • April – September: Bent Street Cafe. Each month we publish online from the material submitted.
  • October-November: Print and ebook production.
  • December: Print version available.

Bent Street 1 (2017) and Bent Street 2 (2018) can be ordered right now through your local bookshop. Bookshops and library suppliers can access copies through Lightning Source / Ingram. Readers can buy online from the usual globe-straddling behemoths.


Bent Street 2 Launch – Cancellation

Unfortunately we have to cancel the launch of Bent Street 2 – originally advertised for February 16 at Hares & Hyenas. The print version we discovered contained some errors due to technical issues and we are currently re-printing the volume. Our sincerest apologies to the contributors for this error.

We will look to have a launch / literary event down the track.

We should have corrected copies in about 2 weeks. If anyone has purchased copies recently through Hares & Hyenas or Solidarity Salon, then do get in touch and we will replace the copies when we get the new print run.

The Bent Street Team

Bent Street 2 Now Available

Welcome to 2019! We have just received print copies of Bent Street 2. Copies can be purchased at Hares & Hyenas, or online, with other physical outlets coming on-stream soon. Also, the eBook should be out by this weekend. Most of the articles by our fantastic contributors can be found online here in the Bent Street Cafe. (Check out Henry von Doussa’s interview with Jennifer Power; or Marcus O’Donnell reflecting on the art of David Wojnarowicz). But of course you will want your own tangible physical copy that sits on the bedside table in ways that a laptop or device JUST DOESN’T.

Bent Street 2 covers aspects of ‘2018’, including the afterglow of the passing into law of same-sex marriage; the ongoing struggle for rights and recognition; reflections on the past; as well as presenting the queer imagination as it follows its own lights, digressions, yearnings, and strange associations. And it is our first venture into total colour printing.

ISBN: (paperback) 978-0-6484604-0-4 | RRP: $29.95

(Bent Street 2 : Australian LGBTIQA+ Arts, Writing & Ideas ; Tiffany Jones, Ed. ; Clouds of Magellan Press, Melbourne 2018)

Contributors include: Guy James Whitworth, Steve RE Pereira, Brigitte Lewis, Jeff Herd, Adrienne Kisner, Marcus O’Donnell, Jennifer Power, Henry Von Doussa, Dean Smith, Alison Thorne, Rebecca Ryall, Craig Middleton, Nikki Sullivan, Maria Pallotta-Chiarolli, Dennis Altman, Janet Rice, Geoff Allshorn, Martin Roberts, Roz Bellamy, Mandy Henningham, Tiffany Jones, Michael Bernard Kelly, Aurea Kochanowski, René Bennett, Peter Mitchell, Tina Healy, Madison Griffiths, Andy Murdoch, Holly Zwalf, Lian Low, James May, Jean Taylor.

Bookshops and Libraries can order Bent Street 1 and 2 through Ingram iPage.

Melbourne Launch Event

Hares & Hyenas Bookshop, 63 Johnston St, Fitzroy VIC 3065

Saturday 16 February, 3pm

Free Event. All Welcome.

December Cafe

It’s the end of the year and we’re putting a few final things around the tree to mark the close of 2018. Our editor Tiffany Jones has selected ‘the 12 Tweets of Christmas’ – see 2018 – The Year in Queer: Refusal Tweets. Dennis Altman writes on A locked closet: LGBTI rights around the world and we have a Deleuzian tram-ride from Jean Taylor – Tramming it.

The team is busy preparing the print version – Bent Street 2 and we’ll post here in a little while about ebook availability, paperback availability and launch events in January next year.

Bent Street 2 will feature most of the material that has appeared in the Bent Street Cafe this year, plus some special surprises. Thankyou to all our wonderful contributors.

Mid-November Cafe

Middle of November finds us assembling the print version of Bent Street. Thankyou to all our contributors – there is an amazing array of creativity and thought and we’re looking forward to the ink and paper version. In the Bent Street Cafe you can find a memoir on Freddie Mercury – Freddie and Me by Steve R.E. Pereira. There is some new poetryTasseography by Aurea Kochanowski and three poems by Peter Mitchell. There is also a new profile in Profiles and Portraits of Mara Maya Devi by Guy James Whitworth. Enjoy!