Body in Retrograde – by Samuel Luke Beatty

Body in Retrograde is an intimate collection of comics that illustrate some of the complications Samuel experienced while healing from his top surgery. The work is centred in outer space, yet grounded in the reality of having a body in recovery. The comics use cosmic themes to address unexpected imperfections about his surgery results; focusing on the scar formation, open wounds and concave tissue in the chest. He relates these bodily experiences to planetary bodies, blackholes, impact craters, retrograde orbits, and even supernovae.

These comics were exhibited as part of ‘Body In Retrograde’, Samuel’s first solo show, at Goodspace Gallery on 22 January 2020.

Visit: for full array of images. All images included in print and e-book of Bent Street 4.1.


Samuel Luke Beatty works with traditional and digital illustration, as well as forms of printmaking and bookbinding zines and artist books. His practice currently uses storytelling and the metaphor of space exploration across graphic narratives to discuss complexities of gender identity in relation to his own experiences as a transgender man. Samuel lives and works in Sydney, Australia.

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