Bent Street 4.2

ISSN 2652-659X (Print) | ISBN: (paperback) 978-0-6487469-8-0 | ISBN: (ebook) 978-0-6487469-9-7 | Paperback RRP AUS $29.99

Bent Street 4.2 (2020) – in paperback – is available now from The Bookshop Darlinghurst, and also Hares & Hyenas. It can be ordered (very soon!) through the usual online book platforms (Book Depository, etc).

Bookshops and Libraries can order through Lightning Source.

The ebook will be available on Apple, Google Books, Kobo, Kindle. Follow this website for announcements.

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Website edition

Peter Waples-Crowe—Book 1, mixed media on Orihon books 15 x 100 cm

Introduction—Tiffany Jones
Sam Elkin—Recommended by Kerry
Indiah Money—Sight for Sore Eyes

Charlotte Allingham -Here to Stay

Jude Munro—Pride Centre – Interview

Firdhan Aria Wijaya – Seeking our voices in heteronormative society

Steph Amir—Cash, Handshakes, and Crowded Trains

Mel Simpson – a quiet afternoon

Jean Taylor—Déjà vu Diary
Andrew McNamara—Facetime—art
Jodie Hare—London Lockdown

Jennifer Power – Negotiating freedom and constraint in 2020

Tiffany Jones—2020: The Year in Queer

Frank Bonnici – Tears Behind the Mask

Guy James Whitworth—Tay Tay
Is Taylor Swift the Queer icon we need right now?
Alison Thorne—Policing, Protest, and the Pandemic
Rodney Croome—Another Word for Hope
Ian Seal—Many Coloured Sky
Edwina Shaw—As if …
Erin Riley—Periwinkle Blue

Gordon Thompson – 2020

Derek Ho—Unspoken
Gina Ward—Goodbye To All That?
James May—Ending HIV: Don’t Believe the Hype
Ayman Barbaresco—Limitless Boundaries
Blair Archbold—My Milkshake
Yannick Thoraval—Creative Zen
Baburam Poudel—Dreaming Big


Hendri Yulius Wijaya—Torn Apart: The Liminal Life of Queer Studies in Indonesia
Marcus O’Donnell – Derek Jarman’s Queer Resilience

Derek Jarman – Fuck me blind, 1993, oil-on-canvas, 251x179cm. Collection: Julia Muggenburg

Hannah Gillard—Diversity Rules
Max Hayward—A Shiftable Museum


Rob Wallis

Henry von Doussa – AIDS doily (detail)

Leila Lois
John Bartlett
Mark Anthony Cayanan
Bron Bateman
Cat Cotsell
Adele Aria
Michele Saint-Yves
Gemma Rose
Zachary DB Smith
Shivani Preston
Heath John Ramsay
Penn O’Brien
Stephanie Russell


Jan Prior—Archipelago
Zachary Pryor—Telling
Andy Murdoch—The Waters of Jordan, and the Waters of Babylon
Suz Mawer—Welcome to the Galaxy
Peter Mitchell—True North
Sharryn Ryan—Gone

Artists and image makers whose work appears in this edition of bent street include: Neika Lehman, Isabella Whāwhai Waru, Caleb Thaiday, and Jazz Money; Derek Jarman, Howard Sooley; Luke David; Peter Casamento; Gordon Thompson.