Bent Street 4.1 – Love from a Distance

Bent Street 4.1—Love from a Distance shines a light on the role of technologies in shaping human intimacy within the broader frame of COVID-19 and lockdown.

Writers, academics, artists and poets reflect on the role that technologies, old and new, play in mediating human intimacy and shaping queer culture.

Bent Street 4.1  is edited by Jennifer Power, Henry von Doussa, and Timothy W. Jones. This issue is supported by the Australian Research Centre in Sex, Health and Society, La Trobe University and  La Trobe University Transforming Human Societies and forms part of a range of explorations into the issue, including a webinar held in mid-July.

ISBN: (paperback) 978-0-6487469-3-5 | RRP AUS $26.95 | 192pp, colour

ISBN: (ebook) 978-0-6487469-4-2


Bent Street 4.1 is available from The Bookshop Darlinghurst, and can be ordered from the usual online book platforms. Bookshops and Libraries can order through Lightning Source. eBook to be published soon.

Find all articles below:

Website edition

Introduction – Jennifer Power, Henry von Doussa, Timothy W. Jones


Intimacy and Unexpected Technologies – Suzanne Fraser

Intimacy, Technology and Emojis – Amanda Gesselman

Digital Intimacy, Gender and Sexuality – Jamie Hakim

Phone Sex – Henry von Doussa


My Queer Love Bot – by Jennifer Power

This Public Feeling – by Marcus O’Donnell
Intimacy and technologies: a pre-history

Digital Intimacy: an end to the tyranny of distance – by Gary Dowsett

Intimacy in Online Spaces for Bi+ People – by Emiel Maliepaard

Out in the Outer Worlds  – by Nessie Smith
A new online game featuring perhaps the very first openly asexual characters.

D/s in the Everyday: Digital technologies and the dynamics of Dominance and submission – by Rainicorn

Life, but not as we know it: Star Trek, fan culture, slash fiction and the queering of Starfleet Command – by Geoff Allshorn

Viral Lesbians – by Tiffany Jones


Not so Distant – by Dennis Altman

Body in Retrograde – by Samuel Luke Beatty

Architecture at Night – by Michelle Dicinoski

Tiny Essential Victories – by Guy James Whitworth

Dark POMO: PanDEMic in Melbourne – by Jean Taylor

Pro-Po: Policing Productivity in the Midst of a Pandemic – by Jake Cruz

Loose Threads – by Max Hayward

A Box of Unused Masks – by Holly Zwalf

Overhead – by Elijah El Kahale


Couch scene – by Cat Cotsell

About Me – Georgia Banks

Touch – by Tina Healy

Offline – by Casey Scanlon

King Root – by Brigitte Lewis

asleep in my arms – by Rob Wallis


Nick’s Story Mode – by Ava Redman

Patchouli – by Heath John Ramsay

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