Bent Street 3

Bent Street 1 emerged during the year of Marriage Equality, Bent Street 2 expanded with the inclusion of colour artwork, and Bent Street 3 sees the publication covering exciting developments within the broader Australian queer community, including the strengthening of public displays of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander LGBTIQA+ pride and visibility, views on ‘gay conversion’, historical perspectives on Stonewall, queer cabaret, religious discrimination, and much more. Bent Street 3 brings you ‘The Year in Queer 2019’.

Edited by Tiffany Jones.

With contributions from:

Peter Waples-Crowe, Stephanie Amir, Mel Simpson, Andrew Farrell, Ashley Sievwright, Bee Cruse, Jamie James, Jodie Hare, Jean Taylor, Hannah Buttsworth, Maude Davey, Ayman Kaake, Stevie Lane, Guy James Whitworth, Ashleigh Hardcastle, Samuel Luke Beatty, Mandy Henningham, Clare Monagle, Timothy W Jones, Jennifer Power, Tiffany M Jones, Alison Thorne, Ryan Storr, Frank Bonnici, Lisa Farrell, Trent Mann, Jason Li, Jake Cruz, Geoff Allshorn, Terry Jaensch, Ashley Williams, Michelle Bishop, Xavier, Anna Leah D. Luna-Raven, Jocelyn Deane, Reese Downing, Stuart Barnes, Adele Tan, Cat Cotsell, Henry von Doussa, Gavriil Aleksandrs, Lionel Wright, Kim Leutwyler, John Bartlett.