Bent Street Closure

Sadly we have to announce that Bent Street is closing. Thank-you to all friends, ambassadors, and contributors who have helped to grow the journal over six editions since 2017.

The existing editions of Bent Street (1 through to 5.1) will remain in-print and available as book, ebook, and also via this website through the web editions (which contain the majority of, but not all articles and images).

The publisher, Clouds of Magellan Press will continue to make the existing Bent Street editions available to libraries and bookshops.

Thank you to all of our creatives and thinkers for your exciting Bent Street contributions! Prof. Tiffany Jones will be continuing other projects and LGBTIQA+ advocacy work on important education and rights themes. Clouds of Magellan will also be featuring forthcoming books from former Bent Street contributors. 

Adam Bandt at the launch of Bent Street 1, 2017, Hares & Hyenas.
Jean Taylor reads at the launch of Bent Street 1, 2017, Hares & Hyenas

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