Soiree seems to be the hardest word

We held a very bijou soiree style mini-launch of ‘Soft Borders, Hard Edges’ on Tuesday 13 July at Hares & Hyenas Bookshop. Thankyou to Rowland, Crusader and the team. Sam Elkin (Bent Street 5.1 editor) spoke, describing Bent Street 5.1 as the gift that keeps on giving. A happy time. We now enter lockdown and look forward to future soirees, matinees and so forth.

Order ‘Soft Borders, Hard Edges’ or any other previous editions of Bent Street online from your favorite bookshop, or else through Booktopia, Book Depository, Amazon.

WA residents can visit Rabble Books and Games and ask for a copy; in Port Fairy? Visit Blarney Books.

Support Bent Street by asking your local library to get in copies, or ask your local bookshop to get in a copy.

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