Sydney Sentinel article on the latest Bent Street

Bent Street contributing artist and writer Guy James Whitworth has proven himself to be a canny lad yet again with this article in the Sydney Sentinel.

Bent Street: a crucial avenue for queer arts, literature and ideas

‘Sydney artist and author Guy James Whitworth’s career experienced a major upswing after his work featured in Bent Street. Here, he profiles the journal, which has become a literary and artistic force since its 2017 debut.’

So – read all about us!

The Sydney Sentinel is ‘a progressive new voice in Sydney’s media landscape, the Sydney Sentinel offers a different take on Sydney. Arts, features, news and opinion sections are joined by dedicated queer and vegan sections, in an online publication for the 2020s. The Sentinel was founded in September 2020 by Sydney journalist Peter Hackney, who is its editor-in-chief.

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