Bent Street 4.2 – 2020 … off to press

The end-of-year edition of Bent Street – 4.2 – 2020 – has just gone to press (thankyou Andrew at eBook Alchemy).

With a times-appropriate cover image from Mel Simpson of Kittenpants studios, and contributions of art, poetry, essay, first-person memoir, interviews, and fiction from:

Peter Waples-Crowe, Tiffany Jones, Sam Elkin, Indiah Money, Jude Munro, Firdhan Aria Wijaya, Steph Amir, Mel Simpson, Jean Taylor, Andrew McNamara, Jodie Hare, Frank Bonnici, Guy James Whitworth, Alison Thorne, Rodney Croome, Ian Seal, Edwina Shaw, Erin Riley, Derek Ho, Gina Ward, James May, Ayman Barbaresco, Blair Archbold, Yannick Thoraval, Baburam Poudel, Yulius Hendri Wijaya, Marcus O’Donnell, Hannah Gillard, Max Hayward, Rob Wallis, Henry von Doussa, Leila Lois, John Bartlett, Mark Anthony Cayanan, Bron Bateman, Cat Cotsell, Jennifer Power, Adele Aria, Michele Saint-Yves, Gemma Rose, Zachary DB Smith, Shivani Preston, Heath John Ramsay, Penn O’Brien, Stephanie Russell, Jan Prior, Andy Murdoch, Suz Mawer, Zachary Pryor, Peter Mitchell, Sharryn Ryan, Charlotte Allingham, Neika Lehman, Isabella Whāwhai Waru, Caleb Thaiday.


Bent Street 4.2 will be Zoom launched at Adelaide Feast – details very soon.

All proceeds from the sale of this edition of Bent Street will be donated to Many Coloured Sky, a group that works with LGBTIQA+ asylum seekers and refugees in Australia and overseas.



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