Bent Street 4.1 – ebook

The ebook version of Bent Street 4.1 – Love from a Distance is now available. Find it on Google Play, Apple,, Kindle …

Below: Google Play – search on ‘Bent Street Tiffany Jones’ – use these search terms because apparently it likes our editor-in-chief Tiffany Jones. If you type ‘Bent Street LGBTIQA’ it has kittens.

Kobo, however, has a woke search engine – search on ‘bent street lgbtiqa’ and you’ll find all FOUR Bent Street ebooks.

If you want the hardcopy paperback, go searching on your usual online bookshop, or visit Hares & Hyenas, or The Bookshop Darlinghurst – all with online sales and delivery.

You can read the free web edition here.

To start you off …

My Queer Love Bot – by Jennifer Power

This Public Feeling – by Marcus O’Donnell
Intimacy and technologies: a pre-history

Out in the Outer Worlds  – by Nessie Smith
A new online game featuring perhaps the very first openly asexual characters.

D/s in the Everyday: Digital technologies and the dynamics of Dominance and submission – by Rainicorn

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