Melbourne Launch

Great launch event this weekend gone by at Hares & Hyenas (Melbourne’s queer and intersectional bookshop, cafe and performance venue). Jean Taylor, Mel Simpson, Steph Amir and Trent Mann presented aspects of their work in Bent Street 3. Henry von Doussa MC’d. Notable quote: Believe in fate, but lean forward where fate can see you. (Quentin Crisp).

Jean Taylor at Hares & Hyenas.

Thanks to Crusader, Rowland and the lovely crew at Hares & Hyenas,.

One thought on “Melbourne Launch

  1. dear Gordon what a surprise! thank you very much for organising such a friendly and welcoming launch, we had a great time and enjoyed hearing all the readers, the MC did a great job, the nibbles were appreciated and the book itself is splendid thank you especially for all the work you and Tiffany did to get this book together, it’s a credit to your expertise and your community mindedness I have been reading the pieces at random and enjoying the eclectic topics and the coloured pictures which are highlights throughout with many thanks once again for including my piece cheersJean


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