We were the ones that went before

We were the ones that went before 

by Tina Healy

We were the ones that went before.
The ice breakers, the change makers,
Risk takers who stood against the flow,
To grow, to sew the change, to rearrange
the strange obsession with rigid roles,
That tore our souls at opposite poles
to the way we felt inside, no pride,
so we lied to ourselves, to live, to give
an illusion of love, and dull the war, the sore,
That hurt the ones that went before.

We were the ones who went before.
Ours was an uncouth truth, a stolen youth,
We lived a life you dictated, you stated,
we were slated for a cage, a rage, an ice age
where feeling is reeling from the sealing
of our hearts, our private part
that asks you for love as we are,
to heal the scar, the darkened star,
of grief, the thief of love’s leaf
that washed upon the shore
of the ones who went before.

We were the ones who went before.
We stood before the doctor, the nurse,
the curse, of your perverse medical
hearse, that entombed and groomed,
We were doomed to jump the hurdles,
that girdled a sense of self that curdled
under your gawk at the way we walk and talk,
to get your approval, your privileged feudal
control of our bodies, that everybody
that was somebody in the psych profession
had discretion for suppression, the oppression
of the light that burns bright, our right to fight
for the gender that lays at the core
of the ones who went before.

We were the ones who went before.
We were the daughters that left your borders
over waters on society’s orders
that our surgery a perjury, was a financial burglary
of the public purse, a curse, a raucous verse,
in a song that gonged something was wrong
in your ears, your fears,
when difference appears,
your hearts colded, your attitudes folded
they moulded as our planes flew home,
we arrived alone, nowhere for, no care for,
no one was there for
The ones who went before.

We were the ones who went before.
We jumped the hoops, the loops,
that conformity troops had put in place
to encase us, showcase us, like mice in a maze,
endless days, myriad ways to make us pay a price
to taste the spice, of the paradise
that beckoned we reckoned
when all was said and done.
So please don’t forget the debt
the price that was set, for a generation
the formation, laid a foundation,
for a community that grew,
on the courage of a few,
we owe so much more,
To the ones who went before.


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