Bent Street is a biannual publication. Bent Street publishes essays, short fiction, poetry, artwork, interviews, opinion pieces, tweets, blog posts, extracts from work-in-progress, that reflect the creative life of the  LGBTIQA+ community.

Bent Street 5.1

Submissions for Bent Street 5.1 (midyear 2021) are now open, and close 30 April. This edition will bring a special focus to trans and gender diverse issues, and is guest edited by Sam Elkin and Yves Rees.

Bent Street 5.2

Submissions for the end of year edition of  Bent Street 5.2 are also open and close 15 October. This edition is open-themed and reflects the LGBTIQA+ community following its own lights and strange trajectories.

Please send all submissions and enquiries to


  1. This publication is produced in a volunteer capacity. Any revenue from sales will be used to develop the publication and fund writer/artist development.
  2. No payment is made for contributions, but we will post a copy of Bent Street to all contributors.
  3. Word length flexible. Let us know if you are considering longer pieces.
  4. Writing can be previously published, but please indicate the publishing history in your submission.
  5. We will usually publish a few poems and images from contributors, but tend to limit to one piece per writer in essays and fiction.
  6. Black and white and colour graphics are welcome. Send high-res images.
  7. Send a short bio note with submissions, email contact and postal address. We will require a mobile number for delivery of the author copy.
  8. Referencing style. For academic papers or essay, use the style that you prefer – we will edit for consistency rather than impose an overall journal style.
  9. Happy to receive material from overseas contributors.
  10. The midyear edition is curated to a particular theme. The end of year edition – ‘The Year in Queer’ – is thematically open.
  11. Rights. Submission of material grants to the publisher (Clouds of Magellan Press) a limited right to publish the artwork/writing a) once only on this website, and b) once only in the print/ebook version. Copyright and all other rights for distribution or reprinting are retained by the contributor. The publisher makes no claim on any prior or subsequent use of the material by the writer/artist. If Bent Street is the first place of publication, then ‘First published in Bent Street …’ is nice where possible, but not mandatory.
  12. If sending previously published material, we assume you are able to grant the  right to publish as detailed above.
  13. Please indicate if your material is a draft only. If you send us something we assume you want us to publish it as submitted, unless you state explicitly otherwise. If we make editorial changes we will send it back to you for approval.
  14. Also, please encourage your local library to get in a copy.