Stephanie Russell – Thanks

Have you ever known the full compass of pain and passion
when the wicked one steals from the depths cloaked in darkness
takes you unawares
challenges what you know to be right and true
strips you bare
takes all you hold good and dashes it on the ground in front of you
and you fall in the mud and filth
don’t let me fail
don’t let me
something dies inside you
charred and twisted
burned forever
but somehow you hold onto a shred
you hold on with a strength you thought you never had
till she pulls you free
and casts you on a salt-washed beach
and through the tears and flaming curses
she sees the glimmer still there inside you
and thanks you for it




Stephanie is a transgender female, but only for the last five years, ‘so I am still learning. I love writing, and I am secretary of the Kensington & Norwood Writers’ Group. I have written short stories for many years, and more recently I started writing poetry.’

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