In Transit: Space, Time – by Samuel Luke Beatty

In Transit – Space by Samuel Luke Beatty

In Transit: Space, Time illustrates key moments in Samuel’s transition over the past year, how his body has changed, and knowing that he will continue to change over time too. Samuel reflects on reaching certain milestones, such as starting hormone replacement therapy, to then being over a year on testosterone. From having top surgery, to being a year post-op and also having a revision surgery. Each panel illustrates Samuel spending time with his body, taking care of it, documenting it, occupying space in it, and healing in it. So much time was spent waiting for these milestones to happen, yet those moments came and went, and time still goes on. These intimate moments are printed in vibrant blue and fluro pink with Risograph printing.

In Transit – Time by Samuel Luke Beatty


Samuel Luke Beatty (b. 1995, Sydney, NSW, Australia) is an emerging artist who works with traditional and digital illustration, as well as forms of printmaking and bookbinding zines and artist books. His practice currently uses storytelling and the metaphor of space exploration across graphic narratives to discuss complexities of gender identity in relation to his own experiences as a transgender man. Samuel currently lives and works in Sydney, Australia.


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