Bent Street Cafe

Welcome to the 2018 Bent Street Cafe – the place for ongoing arts, writing and ideas. Next year we take over the web page next door ‘Bent Street Cafe 2019’. ‘Follow’ this website and get email alerts for when something new  appears on the menu.


Freddie and Me by Steve RE Pereira

The Brotherhood by Eric Turton

Game Changer by Peter Mitchell

An  Invitation for Arvo Tea on the Verandah by Jean Taylor

Profiles and Portraits

Mara Maya Devi by Guy James Whitworth

Peter de Waal by Guy James Whitworth

Queerdom by Jamie James

Candy Royalle by Guy James Whitworth


2018 – The Year in Queer: Refusal TweetsTiffany Jones

A locked closet: LGBTI rights around the worldDennis Altman.

Queering the ClassroomRebecca Ryall – an examination of heteronormativity and cisnormativity in the Catholic school context.

The KINQ ManifestoCraig Middleton & Nikki Sullivan discuss how Knowledge Industries Need Queering.

Safe Spaces – a new report on LGBTIQ+ MuslimsMaria Pallotta-Chiarolli

Ink & Vinyl TherapyMartin Roberts

Life writing as an outlet for LGBTIQA+ youth by Roz Bellamy

Gender in the early childhood setting by Rachel Chapman

Intersex People & Internalised Corrective Bodily Bias by Mandy Henningham and Tiffany Jones

Love’s Pure Light – A Refection on the Passage of Marriage Equality by Michael Bernard Kelly


Guy James Whitworth – on masculinity and its subversions

Peter Mitchell talks about his memoir Fragments through the Epidemic

Lucetta Kam is the author of Shanghai Lalas: Female Tongzhi Communities and Politics in Urban China

Tina Healy is an advocate, peer support worker and an elder in the transgender community.

Ashley Sievwright – talking about his new novel and the idea of ‘Australian Gothic.

A Place That Should Be Home: A Conversation with Steve RE Pereira

Jeff Herd is a Melbourne-based musician who has just released his debut album Boy Down

Young Adult Fiction in #20gayteen: A Conversation with Adrienne Kisner



Peter Mitchell – Three Poems

Aurea Kochanowski – Tasseography

René Bennett – Post-Optimistic

Tina Healy – We Were The Ones That Went Before

Madison Griffiths – Three Poems


Tramming it by Jean Taylor

Island Fragments by Andy Murdoch

Conga Line by Holly Zwalf

Two Wild Outlaws by James May

A Dolphin in the Ganges – a short story by Steve R.E. Pereria

Excerpt from Slightly Foxed, a novel in development by Ashley Sievwright

Excerpt from Dear Rachel Maddow by Adrienne Kisner