Bent Street 2

Bent Street Australian LGBTIQA+ Arts, Writing & Ideas is an annual publication that gathers essays, fiction, poetry, artwork, reflections, letters, blog posts, interviews, analysis, and rants, to bring you ‘The Year in Queer’.

Last year, Bent Street 1: ‘2017’ dealt with aspects of the marriage equality debate; Bent Street 2 covers the afterglow of the passing into law of same-sex marriage; the ongoing struggle for rights and recognition; reflections on the past; as well as presenting the queer imagination as it follows its own lights, digressions, yearnings, and strange associations.


ISBN: (paperback) 978-0-6484604-0-4
ISBN: (ebook) 978-0-6484604-1-1

RRP: $29.95


Guy James Whitworth, Steve RE Pereira, Jamie James, Quinn Eades, Brigitte Lewis, Jeff Herd, Adrienne Kisner, Marcus O’Donnell, Jennifer Power, Henry Von Doussa, Dean Smith, Alison Thorne, Rebecca Ryall, Craig Middleton, Nikki Sullivan, Maria Pallotta-Chiarolli, Dennis Altman, Janet Rice, Geoff Allshorn, Martin Roberts, Roz Bellamy, Mandy Henningham, Tiffany Jones, Michael Bernard Kelly, Aurea Kochanowski, René Bennett, Peter Mitchell, Tina Healy, Madison Griffiths, Andy Murdoch, Holly Zwalf, Lian Low, James May, Jean Taylor,

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