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Bent Street is a journal of Australian LGBTIQA+ writing. We publish a print and ebook ‘annual’ in December. Material also appears ongoing in the Bent Street Cafe. The journal aims to gather writing across various genres, written or presented in the year of publication, as well as artwork, to form an ongoing picture of LGBTIQA+ life in Australia – ‘the year in queer’.

Bent Street welcomes writing from the LGBTIQA+ community in the genres of short fiction, extracts from work-in-progress, essays, artwork, sketches, cartoons, memoir, play or performance scripts, poetry, spoken word, blog, letters, shopping lists, interviews …

The inaugural Bent Street 1 – ‘2017’ (print/ebook) was published in December 2017 by Clouds of Magellan Press.

Bent Street 2 (print/ebook for 2018) is now available.

The year so far …

Bent Street is now two issues old, with the production model ‘evolving’. This is what we are aiming for in 2019:

  • January – March: Everyone has a well-earned rest.
  • April – September: Bent Street Cafe. Each month we publish online from the material submitted.
  • October-November: Print and ebook production.
  • December: Print version available.


Bent Street can be ordered through your local bookshop. Bookshops and library suppliers can access copies through Lightning Source / Ingram. Readers can buy online from the usual globe-straddling behemoths.


Bent Street is open for submissions ALL YEAR. We will publish material ongoing on this website in the Bent Street Cafe. Keep in mind that for material to be considered for the print version, it needs to be submitted by 30 September 2019.

  1. This publication is unfunded and produced in a volunteer capacity. Any revenue from sales will be used to develop the publication and fund writer/artist development.
  2. No payment is made for contributions.
  3. Word length flexible.
  4. Writing can be previously published.
  5. Limit of three submitted pieces per author.
  6. Line cartoons, black and white and colour graphics are welcome – with Bent Street 2 we have moved to full colour production. Send high-res images.
  7. Cut-off for submissions to the year’s print version: 30 September 2019.
  8. Send a short bio note with submissions.
  9. Happy to receive material from overseas contributors.
  10. Submission of material grants to the publisher a limited right to publish the artwork/writing once only on this website, and once only in the print/ebook version. Copyright and all other rights are retained by the contributor. The publisher makes no claim on any subsequent use of the material by the writer/artist.
  11. Please indicate if your material is a draft only. If you send us something we assume you want us to publish it as submitted, unless you state explicitly otherwise. If we make editorial changes we will send it back to you for approval.


All contributions are the work of the individual author or artist and are not necessarily the opinions of the Bent Street editing or publishing team.


Contact and all enquiries and submissions: cloudsofmagellanpress@gmail.com