Bent Street Cafe – Memoir Special

In the latest Bent Street Cafe we have three works of memoir, including  Game Changer – an extract from Peter Mitchell’s memoir Fragments through the Epidemic. There is also an interview with Peter discussing the evolution of this work that covers ten years (1984-1992) of living with HIV.

Eric Turton – (pictured here in 1963) – is 94 years old and currently preparing his memoir Life is a Bowl of Cherries. The extract – The Brotherhood – covers some of Eric’s experiences in New York in the late 1950s.

Jean Taylor adds a twist to the search for her grandmothers and other ancestors in Invitation for Arvo Tea on the Verandah.

Guy James Whitworth offers us a tender tribute to performance poet Candy Royalle in a new section Portraits and Profiles.

Bent Street Cafe posts ongoing contributions to Bent Street – an annual print publication of LGBTIQA+ arts, writing and ideas. Edited by Tiffany Jones we encourage submissions from the Australian queer sphere (work-in-process, stories, poetry, essays, images …). Bent Street is also a reading and listening community with the aim of encouraging your voice and providing creative feedback.

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