Bent Street Cafe – August Menu

Visit the Bent Street Cafe for three new Interviews. Tina Healy is an advocate, peer support worker and an elder in the transgender community. Ashley Sievwright talks with us about the highs and lows of publishing and the idea of ‘Australian Gothic. Steve R. E. Pereira talks with us about South Asian queer writing.

In Poetry we have Tina Healy’s poem We Were The Ones That Went Before, and Post-Optimistic by René Bennett.

In Fiction we have an excerpt from Ashley Sievwright’s novel-in-development Slightly Foxed and Steve R. E. Pereira’s short story A Dolphin in the Ganges.

Bent Street gathers writing, art and ideas from the Australian LGBTIQA+ community, plus interested overseas friends. Submissions appear in the Bent Street Cafe and from this and other sources we assemble the print yearbook. Forward this post to anyone you know writing or performing or creating, or ideating in the ‘queer sphere’.

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